A Lifetime of Memories...Then and Now

The years seem to pass slowly when you're living them. Remembering them is quite different. Has it really been that long since it happened? Seems like only yesterday. Remember when?

Today, the television brings the world into my living room.
The good news, the bad news and news that isn’t news at all
invades my life
every day. 


1964 – It should be of increasing concern to America at large that we are becoming hopelessly addicted to the output of the beckoning television networks. I, for one, have resisted the temptation mightily.

My husband and I were standing at our living room window, watching a man walking down the distant road. The man lived nearby in a broken down house.  Every day he walked two miles to a neighborhood bar where he spent his time.

   The OLD SHEPHERD’S Barn The SHEPHERD Called Them Home  The quaint old man in knee high boots prepared to call them in.   “Get behind the barn,” he said. “If they see you they won’t come.” “How many sheep?” I asked.  “‘Bout 300, lambs ‘n all,” he replied.  Now, gesturing toward distant fields, no […]