From My Porch Swing

The View From My Porch Swing
Laddie – 2002-2014
Through the years I’ve watched our trees that never seem to change.
Across the road,
where once our sons and neighbor children came to play
on stubby fields of meadow grass,
there grow trees and underbrush
so high
no pathways show.
Even now,
those boys and girls seem ever young.
My thoughts are filled with
visions of them playing there.
Hidden there midst oak and pine,
in memory,
there lies an open meadow. 

Joyful youth played games
on long, 
hot summer  days
in full pursuit of life.
Those days and sights and sounds of living
never left my inner soul.
 Returning to this quiet place,
 from the porch swing
I relive those treasured days
of years gone by.
Gently swinging,
deep in thought,
memories return.
 I recall each day with love.
The day begins at summer’s dawn
and ends
 with muffled, evening sounds.
Nothing troubles,
thoughts abound, peace is found.
Now fifty-nine short years have passed
and memories remain.
Our porch is now a deck.
 The swing remains a “porch swing.” 
“Deck swing” somehow cannot recall 
those precious times
of years gone by.
Three sons have grown to men.
 Two grandchildren have added to the enjoyment
of this peaceful homestead.
The barn is now one hundred-one years old.
The house is eighty-two.
 In addition to our three boys and two grandchildren,
 this homestead
has raised many animals and pets and gardens.
The neighbor kids have grown. 
They now have children and grandchildren of their own.
Our son, Tim, died five years ago. 
Even so,
family love and cherished memories
will never change.
The porch swing now provides a peaceful place
 to remember
all the times of joy and sadness.

 We were sitting on the porch swing 
when the news of my Father’s death
came to us.
 We gathered here as a family
 to enjoy the wedding receptions of our sons,
 and to celebrate
 their high-school graduations.
We’ve entertained our friends at church picnics.
We celebrated birthday parties.
 Friends of our grown children 
have come to share an occasional Sunday afternoon
Memories are many, from the porch swing.

My Husband, Don…1930-2017
Photography By Mary Anne Tuck