The End Of The Day

At The End of the Day
Looking Back
We were enjoying a late August evening
 on our porch swing.
 The readily identifiable sounds of approaching geese
 could be heard.
The maple trees in our front yard
formed a thick canopy
 over the place where we sat. 
We could hear the geese,
yet couldn’t see them clearly.
 One glimpse through the thick canopy of leaves,
  told us there were five.
Our farm has twenty acres,
eight of which are hay fields.
 The geese often head toward the fields at dusk
during late summer,
 to feed and to rest
 before they begin their journey south.
As they flew over our yard, 
a fluffy white feather
floated quietly to the ground. 
 What were the chances that a tiny feather
 could find its way
 through thick leafy trees,
 coming to rest on the grass before us?
I began to think of the way we are linked together
 through His creation. 
The markings of the geese are specific,
  always the same for a particular breed.
Our family has now lived on this old farm 
for 59 years.
 This was an August evening
 when my husband and I decided to rest 
on the porch swing 
to enjoy the quiet of the night.

Just then,
 our Maker placed us together
 with others of His creation.

 He is the One
 who all the oceans placed,
 set the world in space 
and created you and me.

 On this late summer evening, 
He chose to join His creations together 
for a special moment in time.

A coincidence? Perhaps…

 The End Of The Day

Winging low across the evening sky, with necks outstretched,
The five in line
Responded to imprinted flight
Formed countless centuries ago.
A canopy of leaves formed overhead,

Blocking the five from view.

Gliding lower, wings now set,

They moved toward feeding fields at dusk.

How quickly they had come into our solitude,
Then disappeared into the evening shadows.
Now out of sight,
Ghostly silhouettes,
Markings meticulously ordained
When time began.
A snow white feather
drifted slowly to the ground.
Now cradled in the grass,
The evening dew 
its bed.
Our lives forever bound to them.
All, now ever changed.
The great creative plan of One
Who set the world in space
The oceans placed
Species defined
Now paused with us
For a moment in time.

All were one with Him

It was the end of the day.
Photographs By Mary Anne Tuck