When I was a young girl, I was asked to baby sit with my infant nephew one evening while my sister and her husband went out for awhile.

The baby had a cold and my sister’s instructions were to give him a spoon full of cough medicine from a bottle she had placed on the kitchen counter.

When the time came to give him the cough syrup, I picked up the bottle, poured the medicine in a spoon and offered it to the baby; not bothering to turn on the light in the kitchen. The child coughed and cried and choked and spit out most of the medicine on his pajamas. I didn’t feel that it was an unusual response to bad tasting medicine. But when I turned on the kitchen light to assess the situation, I saw another bottle sitting on the counter.

The liquid I had given the baby was Tincture of Benzoin Compound…a substance used in a vaporizer for the easing of breathing problems. The cough medicine was in the second bottle which I had not noticed in the darkened kitchen.

I was devastated that this baby I loved so much had nearly been poisoned by my irresponsible action. The baby was fine and suffered no ill effects from my carelessness. (see note at bottom of article)

Because of that experience, I’ve adopted a discipline that has served me (and others) throughout my life. Never administer nor take medication without first checking the bottle’s ingredients and directions, in the light.

This custom has served me well.

I’ve been thinking..when the habit of attending church becomes customary to us, we are ready to live, worship and praise. We are able to love and be loved, to listen and share His word within the congregation of Christ on Sunday morning. We are not burdened with a weekly decision.

This custom will serve us well.

When we make a decision to be in a study group with other Christians, whether it is on Sunday morning or another time during the week, we place ourselves in a position to grow. We are in a position to incorporate the meaning of His Word into our lives.

It will become our custom.

Jesus, once more, gave us the example by His own life. “He went to the synagogue, as was His custom”….Are your customs serving you well?

Are your customs serving Him well?

The answers may save your life.

Lord, teach us your ways. Help us to develop customs that will allow us to be used by you in your ministries..Amen

(Note: My “infant” nephew is now 66 years of age..enjoying retirement and a happy life.)

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