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   The OLD SHEPHERD’S Barn The SHEPHERD Called Them Home  The quaint old man in knee high boots prepared to call them in.   “Get behind the barn,” he said. “If they see you they won’t come.” “How many sheep?” I asked.  “‘Bout 300, lambs ‘n all,” he replied.  Now, gesturing toward distant fields, no […]


Sometimes This Old Farm Feels Like A Long Lost FRIEND It’s always good to be back home again. Married four years in 1959, living on the lakeshore with a toddler of three and an infant of six months, we began to look for another,  safer, and perhaps more FRIENDLY  place to live. Safer was my […]

I began to think of the way we are linked together
 through His creation. The markings of the geese are specific,
  always the same for a particular breed.

I wouldn’t even be telling you this
 if it wasn’t that I had recently seen posts on Facebook 
from women 
who had observed the same event
 that I experienced…….

 When lilac bushes appear in a vacant field,
we know an old Michigan farm 
once stood nearby.

The View From My Porch Swing 1996 Through the years I’ve watched our trees that never seem to change. Across the road, where once our sons and neighbor children came to play on stubby fields of meadow grass, there grow trees and underbrush so high no pathways show. Even now, those boys and girls seem […]