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As often happens in life, my future was unknown.  I couldn’t have imagined at the age of 50, I would become the owner and operator of Mary Anne’s Hallmark Shoppe.


My husband and I were standing at our living room window, watching a man walking down the distant road. The man lived nearby in a broken down house.  Every day he walked two miles to a neighborhood bar where he spent his time.

Remembering MARY They appeared just before the service began.  He carried a small pillow under his arm.   I wondered why.  Together they sat in the front pew, listening attentively.  One Sunday, as the service ended, Mary’s husband stood to leave.  The pillow he had carried under his arm now lay on the church pew where […]

Tenth Grade English Composition  1951 Mary Anne Whitchurch December 7, 1941  On a cold, grey morning when the fog had yet to rise; The seagulls made a flutter  like a bird of paradise. The waves were as a rose vine  coils in an arbor, Thus began the day   Japanese bombed PEARL HARBOR. The sun […]

 When lilac bushes appear in a vacant field,
we know an old Michigan farm 
once stood nearby.

The county fire trucks were blowing their sirens
as they slowly drove along the parade route.
The driver in each truck waved happily to the crowds
as they passed by.