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1964 – It should be of increasing concern to America at large that we are becoming hopelessly addicted to the output of the beckoning television networks. I, for one, have resisted the temptation mightily.


Sometimes This Old Farm Feels Like A Long Lost FRIEND It’s always good to be back home again. Married four years in 1959, living on the lakeshore with a toddler of three and an infant of six months, we began to look for another,  safer, and perhaps more FRIENDLY  place to live. Safer was my […]

2018 ANOTHER SAD ANNIVERSARY OF REMEMBERING…. Watching programs on television..seeing re-runs of the videos…towers in smoke and flames..people standing in disbelief, not knowing what to think about what they were seeing or what to do at the moment… Stand?  Run?  Where should I go? Is it real? What is happening? Devastation. It seems like only […]

Ahead  were only dreary, boring days and years of waiting to get “old.”  There was nothing new to do nor places to see or ROADS to travel.

She began to talk to me of times of JOY. She spoke of happy things and times and places. 
Upon leaving, I said,
”See you when you come home”.
“Ok honey”, she said